Something About Me…

“She was a tiny girl, with a childish smile. You couldn’t take her seriously when you saw her first her fragile structure would make her unsuitable for tough journalism. Her serene appearance could have been a handicap in journalism, but she transformed it into her best ally.

When she worked on a case, she introduced herself with a James Bond’s style and tone: “Dana! Dana Achim! From the National.” You would already have gotten the feeling by then that she wasn’t the type of journalist someone could screw around, or her.

I used to watch her getting ready to leave the office to work on a case, getting her equipment and tools ready, like a kid packing her backpack. “Go kill them!” I used to joke with her. Coming back to the office afterward, I watched her standing in the doorway in an oblique position, and taking on a theatrical face: “I killed ’em!”  And then she would start laughing with that crystal laugh only a kid could, after getting a good grade in school that day as a reward for working hard. 

That’s what made her invincible and unforgettableher apparent look of an innocent child combined with her ambition and tenacity to achieve everything she thought she wanted. She never came back defeated.”   

—Adina Mutar, Romanian Journalist. 


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