Hard Time for Trump, The Witch Mihaela Predicts


I found the Witch Mihaela on Facebook. I saw an interview with her produced by BBC and then, an interview on CNN. I was curious to meet her and talk to her. I must confess that I was skeptical when I spoke with her on the phone for the first time—I expected a rush voice and a dialect hard to understand. I was wrong. She speaks a perfect language and has a warm voice. The idea to contact her came to me in the evening when I was brainstorming some projects for my future nonfiction books. Being Romanian, I wanted to write about the old magic spells and witchcraft—who isn’t fascinated to hear it?

During our conversations about how the magic runs from one generation to another, and the secrets of the spells, Mihaela told me the importance of March. She said, “March is the best month for spells and witchcrafts.” She explained, “In March, the water breaks down from ice, the trees blossom, the flowers bud, and the snakes wake up from the winter’s sleep. The dew from the first flowers of the years helps the spell for the strongest love spells.”

The Witch said March 9 is special. “On that day, witches smoke the houses with special incense from flowers and herbs to send away the negative spells for the whole year.”  Living in Los Angeles, she was curious about Donald Trump and did a special ritual for him.

“My globe showed me that Trump would have difficulties on his political agenda. “The Tarot cards showed a divorce. “I saw it in the second row so it would be soon.”

On the third row, “I saw death in his family. I am very sorry to say. You might not believe me, but I was never wrong when I predicted,” she told me.

She also said there would be mass protests that would turn bloody. There would be significant political changes shortly, and the third world war is about to start.

The Witch Mihaela predicted the political changes in Romania. After 27 days of protests, the Romanian government withdrew the law that protected the corruption.


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